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Get a reliable sawhorse or work stand from Grainger that can hold boards flat while you cut them and help you perform many other tasks. An adjustable sawhorse, made of heavy-duty 14-ga. steel, can hold up to 1,200 lbs. Portable sawhorses feature built-in handles for easy lifting and transporting. Get an adjustable roller stand or a sawhorse vice that can hold parts for cleaning, cutting, routing, assembling, painting, welding and more. When you need a sawhorse or work stand, make sure you shop Grainger first!
Vendor SKU Material Color Handle Length Weight Adjustable Manufacturer Price
2835601AluminumBLUE24 lbsYesKreg




2320109Aluminum/PlasticBLACK10 lbsStanley


2092005Galvanized SteelGRAY12 lbsYesFulton


2801439MetalBLACK11 lbsStanley


2017719MetalBlack/Silver12.43 lbsDeWalt


2896918MetalSilver5.78 lbsStanley


2013399PlasticBLACK3 lbsNoFulton


2320133PlasticBLACK12 lbsNoStanley


2327377PlasticBLACK21 lbsYesStanley


2331056PlasticBLACK11 lbsNoStanley


2795425PlasticBLACK8.3 lbsYesPerformance Tool








2689297Polypropylene/SteelBLACK10.45 lbsStanley


2024072SteelBLACK19.29 lbsYesToughBuilt


22134SteelBLACK2.42 lbsFulton


22135SteelBLACK4 lbsFulton


23842SteelBLACK2.08 lbsNoFulton