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Air Fuel Cells

Vendor SKU Name Price Maximum Operating Temperature Brand Name What's Included All-season Minimum Operating Temperature
2399210Paslode All-Season Framing Fuel Cell 1 pk


122 degree FahrenheitPaslodeIncluded Adapter works with all Paslode cordless framing toolsYes14 degree Fahrenheit
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Paslode All-Season Framing Fuel Cell 1 pk

Vendor: Ace Hardware
Vendor SKU: 2399210
Manufacturer: Paslode
MPN: 816008
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Paslode fuel cells give you the power to drive up to 1,200 nails and are easy to load. Use Paslode fuel cells as part of your nailing or stapling system to keep going until the job is done. All-Season performance allowing all Paslode cordless framing nailers to be used in temperatures as low as 18 degree Fahrenheit Designed for convenient installation Use before the expiration date on the bottom of the fuel cell for the best performance No need for double pumping No need for fuel cell warm-up