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Crowns for Face Shields

Vendor SKU Name Price Type Color Dielectric Protection Material Brand Name
AJ8987Protector-Shield ProLock Headgear with Ratchet Adjustment and Sweatband


Crown for Face ShieldBlackNoHONEYWELL
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AJ8989F4XP Series Premium Replacement Crown and Headgear for Face Shield, Used with F400XP


Crown for Face ShieldBlackNoNylonJACKSON SAFETY
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AJ8988Turboshield Ratchet Headgear, Uvex, Black


Crown for Face ShieldBlackYesNylonHONEYWELL
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AJ8992Full Crown Ratchet Headgear, Used w/390 Series Faceshields


Crown for Face ShieldBlueNoNylonSELLSTROM
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AJ8982Ratchet Headgear H8A, Blue, 9 x 6 in, Headgear Only


Crown for Face ShieldBlueYesABS3M
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AJ8984H8A-S High Heat Headgear, H8A-S, Silver, Cap


Crown for Face ShieldGrayAluminum3M
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AJ8985Visor Head Gear, Headband, 23-7/8 in x 25-1/2 in


Crown for Face ShieldGrayABSANCHOR
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