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Dry Lubricants

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Vendor SKU Application Container Type Container Size Color Flash Point Manufacturer Price Physical Form
0960971Ammo Magazines, Fire Hydrants, Hand Guns, Hinges, Rifles and Shotguns, Stand PipesCan6ozPRECISION BRAND PRODUCTS, INC.


0618285Automotive, Chemical Plants, Foundries, Non-Destructive Testing, Oil and Gas, Paper Converting, Pipe Storage, Sewing Trades, Textile Fibers, WoodworkingAerosol16ozPENRAY COMPANIES INC


0960966Bearings, Bolts, Gears, Hinges, Latches, Nuts, PulleysCan12.50ozPRECISION BRAND PRODUCTS, INC.


0682490Bearings, Pulleys, TracksAerosol16ozAmber143° FKRYLON


0613301Blades, Bits, RollersBottle4ozWD-40 COMPANY


0960961Boilers, Furnaces, PlantersBottle16ozPRECISION BRAND PRODUCTS, INC.


0960962Boilers, Furnaces, PlantersPail10 lbPRECISION BRAND PRODUCTS, INC.


0960963Boilers, Furnaces, PlantersPail25 lbPRECISION BRAND PRODUCTS, INC.


02616-28938Chutes and Slides, Conveyor Belts, Injection Molding, Locks & Catches, Metal Extrusions, Silicone Rubber, Tanks and Bins, ThermoplasticsAerosol Can11ozWhiteLPS


01616-28940Compression Molding, Conveyors, Doors, Injection Molding, Plastic Gears, Rubber Components, Slides, Sliding Wood SurfacesAerosol Can11ozClear<-0.4°FLPS


0960957Fertilizer Spreaders, Garden Tools, Shovels, Wheel BarrowsCan1 galPRECISION BRAND PRODUCTS, INC.


0960958Fertilizer Spreaders, Garden Tools, Shovels, Wheel BarrowsPail5 galPRECISION BRAND PRODUCTS, INC.


0682165Garage DoorsAerosol11ozClear129.2° FBLASTER CHEMICAL


63277Gaskets, Gears, Motors, Transfer Belts, WheelsAerosol16ozGray<0°FCRC INDUSTRIES


0617087General PurposeAerosol10ozWD-40 COMPANY


0691458General PurposeAerosol11ozWhite-104° FBLASTER CHEMICAL


0611764General PurposeAerosol16ozGray<0°FCRC INDUSTRIES


0603870Glass, Metal, Plastic, Rubber, WoodAerosol10ozWhite<20°FCRC INDUSTRIES


0618284Glass, Metal, Plastic, Rubber, WoodAerosol16ozPENRAY COMPANIES INC


0682164Glass, Metal, Plastic, WoodAerosol9.30ozClear<30°FBLASTER CHEMICAL