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Captive Panel Fasteners

A captive fastener is a special type of fastener that's able to lock into a pre-drilled hole to provide a secure and permanent hold. Like other screws, they feature a head on top and external threading on the sides
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Vendor SKU Name Manufacturer Pack Size Unit Price Pack Price Type Unspsc Diameter Drive Thread Size Material Head Grade Finish Head Diameter Product Weight
0135378SC 47-10-231-51 6-32 Phillips Float BlackFastenal Approved Vendor1$0.203$0.203Captive Screw31161510#6Phillips32SteelBlack0.206"
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115474356 32 x 3 4 Plain Finish 18 8 Stainless Steel Hex Socket Head Captive ScrewFastenal Approved Vendor1$2.47$2.47Captive Screw31161510#6Hex32Stainless SteelSocket18-8Plain0.218" - 0.226"0.0028
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0135845F5-M4-P2 Phillips M4 Press-In Captive ScrewFastenal Approved Vendor1$0.203$0.203Captive Screw31161510M4Phillips0.70Stainless SteelRecess403Bright5.9mm0.002
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11547522M4-7 x 15mm Passivated Finish 18-8 Stainless Steel Hex Socket Head Cap Captive ScrewFastenal Approved Vendor10$2.70$27.00Captive Screw31161510M4Hex0.70Stainless SteelSocket18-8Passivated7mm0.0039
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